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Irish Water are the national water utility responsible for providing and developing water and wastewater services throughout Ireland. The CER has been appointed as the independent economic regulator for water services. 

Irish Water will be the sole point of contact for household and businesses customers connected to water supply and wastewater services.

Are you an Irish Water customer?

All customers connected to the public water main network or sewerage system are Irish Water customers. This means that if you receive water from the public main and/or your waste water enters the public sewerage system, you are a customer of Irish Water. The table below shows who is a customer of Irish Water:

How much are water charges?

The Water Services (Amendment) Act 2016 was passed on the 26th July 2016. The Act set out the following in relation to water charges:

  • Suspend domestic water charges for 9 months, from 1 July 2016 to 31 March 2017, with no charging or billing of domestic customers during that period
  • Suspend issuing of domestic water bills for the second quarter of 2016, which had been due to issue in the third quarter of 2016

An Expert Commission has been established to make recommendations on a sustainable long-term funding model for domestic water and wastewater services. An Oireachtas committee will then consider these recommendations and develop its own recommendations. The Oireachtas is expected to vote on the committee’s recommendations by end March 2017. More information on the Expert Commission can be found here.

The 9-month period of suspension may be extended if the Oireachtas committee requests more time to complete its work or if the Government needs more time to consider the Oireachtas committee’s recommendations.

Prior to the suspension of water charges outlined above, the Government decided that annual water charges will be capped at €160 for single adult households and €260 for all other households until end 2018. Households with either a water supply only or waste water only service will pay 50% of these rates.

For the purpose of metered bills, the charge for water in/out was set at €3.70 per 1,000 litres. This means that it is possible for customers with a meter to have a usage level that leads to lower charges than the relevant cap.

The following table sets out the maximum charges that will apply.

The Children’s Water Allowance was set at 21,000 litres per annum and applies to all persons resident in the property aged under 18 (irrespective of whether the child qualifies for Child Benefit), meaning children's water usage would continue to be free;

Not permanently occupied dwellings will pay a minimum of €125 per year (€62.50 per service); where meters are installed such dwellings may pay higher than the minimum where usage exceeds €125 per year (€62.50 if one service) up to a cap of €260;

Water Conservation Grant

The Water Conservation Grant has been suspended for 2016.

The Water Conservation Grant of €100 for 2015 was available to all primary residences that registered with Irish Water by 30 June 2015. The €100 grant was not deducted from and does not appear on your Irish Water bill. The water conservation grant was payable separately through the Department of Social Protection and was paid in September. The Department of Social Protection was responsible for communicating with householders in relation to setting out the grant application and payment process for 2015.

More information on the Water Conservation Grant can be found at the following website: www.watergrant.ie

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