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Safety Cases and Safety Permit

In order for a designated petroleum activity to be undertaken onshore or offshore in Ireland, the associated petroleum undertaking  must have a safety permit for that activity. To issue a safety permit, the CER must assess and accept a safety case(s) and/or notifications for that designated petroleum activity. These safety case(s) and/or notification are submitted by the operator and owner who will carry out the work.

The table below sets out the safety case(s) and notifications that the CER must accept in order for the related safety permit to be issued:

To assist operators and owners in developing a safety case or notification under the Petroleum Safety Framework and the Act, the CER has developed the Safety Case Guidelines which comprise the following documents:

  • ALARP Guidance– guidance on methods and techniques that can be employed to determine whether a risk is As Low As Reasonably Practicable (ALARP
  • Safety Case Requirements - In respect of a designated petroleum activity or activities, each safety case must at least contain the particulars specified in these Requirements that relate to that activity;
  • Compliance Assurance System - The CER system of audit and inspection on petroleum undertakings, operators and owners to monitor their compliance with the Act and the Framework. This system is carried out in addition to operators and owners own audits and reviews to assess the adequacy of their own Safety (and where applicable Environmental) Management Systems.
  • NSAI Petroleum Exploration and Extraction Technical Standards - a list of relevant standards and codes of practices that are applicable to designated petroleum activities, as compiled by the National Standards Authority of Ireland.

On submission of a safety case or notification to the CER, the CER will carry out an assessment to ensure the submission meets the requirements of the Safety Case Guidelines. Where the required safety case(s) or notification is accepted, CER will issue a safety permit attaching conditions where necessary. 

CER recommends that petroleum undertakings, operators and owners wishing to carry out a designated petroleum activity in Ireland engage with CER at their earliest opportunity. CER will hold pre-submission meetings as required to provide further guidance on the operation of the Petroleum Safety Framework. 

Application Forms

Safety Case Application Form (Owner)

Safety Case Application Form (Operator)

Safety Permit Application Form (Petroleum Undertaking)

Current Safety Permits

Production Safety Permit - SP 01C

Production Safety Permit - SP 08A

Production Safety Permit - SP 09A

Well Work Safety Permit - SP12A

Expired Safety Permits

Well Work Safety Permit - SP 04 (Designated Petroleum Activity has concluded)

Well Work Safety Permit - SP 10 (Designated Petroleum Activity has concluded)

Well Work Safety Permit - SP 11 (Designated Petroleum Activity has concluded)



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